Committees 2018-2019

(Committee chairs are in bold letters)

Archives Nancy Bowles (Ex-officio chair), Carmen Guerra,
Gloria Mata Pennington, Gloria Munguía, Maricarmen Nasr
Bylaws Cynthia Keever (Ex-officio chair), Laura Alcorta, Margie Kidd, Louise Snell
Communication Maricarmen Nasr, Nancy Bowles, Esther Díaz,
Mitzi Patiño Eastman, Rosie Reyna, Angie Robles
Courtesy Martha Chavez, Georgette Escutia, Marina García, Margie Kidd, Gloria Munguía, Sylvia Stern
Finance / Audit Mary Aldrich (Ex-officio chair) and Mary Ann Meigs,
Paige Castañeda, Laura Gutierrez-Witt, Maria Zuniga
Fundraising* Janet Roberts and Amalia Rodríguez-Mendoza, Harriett Breihan, Julie Candoli, Rosalia Castañeda, Ann Finch, Alina Flores, Mary Gawron, Margie Kidd, Sylvia Stern, Maria Woody
Luncheon Denise Foester, Laura Gutierrez-Witt,
Martha Ruth Chavez, Kathy Sowash, Maria Zuniga
Membership Carmen Guerra, Diana Ferguson, Janet Roberts, Maria Zuniga, Maline McCalla, Alegría Arce Hibbetts, Maria Seidner
Nominations María Seidner, Inés García, Laura Gutierrez-Witt,
Janet Roberts, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza
Pan American Day Marcia Lucas and Laura Gutiérrez-Witt, Patricia Andersen, Martha Chavez, Lucinda Hutson, Candy Lochridge, Kathi Thomas, Maria Woody
Pan American   Outreach Rosalia Castaneda, Tulis Escobar and Inés García,
Nancy Bowles, Angela Bracken, Lucy Doyle, Diane Gómez, Mary Gawron, Carol Hayman, Patricia Flores-Barrera, Rosie Reyna, Linda Rivera, María Seidner, Maria Zuniga
Program Yolanda Guerrero-Goodman (Ex-officio chair), Laura Alcorta, Joan Burnham, Lala Niemeyer, Irma Gutierrez, Laura Gutierrez-Witt, Margie Kidd, Rachel Ruiz, Maria Woody, Sylvia Stern
Protocol Janet Roberts (Ex-officio chair), Margie Kidd,
Gloria Mata Pennington, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza,
Scholarship      Memorial Fund Mary Gawron, Barbara Ainsa, Connie Cantú, Paige Castañeda, Irma Gutierrez, Suzon Kemp, Margie Kidd, Edna Santos, Phyllis Schenkkan, María Seidner
Spanish Coffee Gloria Munguía, Martha A. Chavez, Denise Foester, Rosalinda Peña, Rosie Reyna
Special Projects Ann Finch, Joan Burnham, Julie Candoli, Diane Gómez, Edna Santos

* The purpose of the new Ad hoc Fundraising Committee is to explore ways to raise funds to advance the PART of Austin commitments to the community: Scholarships, Special Projects and Rodriguez Elementary School, and to coordinate fundraising efforts.  Each Committee will continue its work without soliciting donations from the membership at monthly meetings.  Donations from members who request that their donations be used for a particular project will be applied as requested by the donor.